Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fellatio as a gesture of appreciation

In this series of blogs I will take a look at the for the most part, a traditional and expected method a woman can be thankful to her man for discipline. In a Domestic Discipline (DD) marriage both husband and wife commit to each other but the husband is the main leader or the Head of Household (HOH). A woman who is sure of herself and is made to feel good about who she is will not have a problem submitting to her husband’s loving influence and correction. No matter if it is Punishment spanking, Pre-emptive spanking or Maintenance Discipline. It is all discipline to correct, improve or prevent a behavior. Fellatio as a gesture of appreciation will be looked at, as well as the benefits such appreciations offer both the HOH and his woman.

It is a tough and difficult responsibility for the HOH to agree to carry.

Has any submissive woman ever considered how tough her HOH’s responsibility really is? Being the head and manager of the family can be an extremely exhausting and frustrating job.

  • He has all the responsibility to plan and arrange time for a suitable punishment to fit her misconduct. To make the punishment fit the crime with out being excessive or unfair.
  • He has to frequently stop and judge her thoughts and emotions, before giving correction, to distinguish if she is ready to learn from her punishment.
  • He has the constant worry over whether or not she has been successfully reprimanded, before during and after her punishment.
  • He has the pain in his hand or arm from repetitively spanking her butt.
  • He has the anxiety over whether it is his fault for not punishing her successfully, if she has frequent repeats the same misbehavior over a fairly short space of time.
  • He has the constant worry over whether it is his fault (the ineffectiveness of the punishment) if he does not succeed in bringing her to tears and remorse.
  • He has to put what ever feelings he has (annoyance, sadness, or anger) aside so that he will not cause undo pain or harm to her. He has to know his own strength.
  • And then there is the entirety unpleasant responsibility of spanking his woman to tears. The unpleasantness of causing her to cry, by repeatedly causing pain to her butt for her own good.

I have read posts where women passionately deny that their HOH is stressed out at all. In fact they say that her HOH is receiving enormous pleasure from punishing his woman by spanking her in to submission. A HOH may perceive his responsibility as head of the family a bit differently than his woman. Most HOHs who take their position seriously will protect their woman from outside influences and herself with authority, while she may take his actions as challenging or controlling. Possibly these women are confusing a punishment spanking, Pre-emptive spanking or Maintenance Discipline with the enjoyment of an erotic spanking? There are many different types of spankings. While some women will find some spankings sensual or enjoyable, during these times the HOH may be spanking in a playful sensual way. But there are very few who will find any direct enjoyment out of a punishment spanking and/or discipline. The pain, disgrace and humiliation of a punishment are enough to shatter the woman’s barriers and leave her in an ashamed and submissive state. Surely her HOH cannot be so cruel as to take pleasure in disciplining their dearly loved woman until she is crying remorsefully from both the pain and humiliation of her spanking?

My next blog in the series will be about the significance of punishment and a formal thank you as a nonsexual act.

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  1. Very interesting thoughts. Yes, i can see that a Husband would not relish in the disciplinary spanking, but perhaps He would in a maintenance spanking. There is very little spanking for punishment here. There are other forms of punishment, most of which involve isolation...removal from the situation...Oh, and i love love love the picture. i have a photograph of myself in very much the same pose that my Sir took. The look on my face is filled with love and is the one picture that i feel captures the beauty of me when i am taking care of Him.

  2. I have always believed that once a woman says "I do", it is the husband's right to discipline is wife, by giving her a good spanking on her bare bottom, be it with a hand, paddle, hairbrush, birchrod or cane. Yes if it is a very serious punishment spanking, the husband should try to bring his wife to tears.

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  5. I can't perform oral sex without getting dripping wet, no matter the context. It's sexual no matter what you say. I do agree it is a good way to thank a man before or after a spanking, and at many other times. My husband has just started spanking me and I admire him more, feel more connected, more submitted and more sexually attracted to him than ever. He also makes me do oral sex, will not use a condom ever, no matter the circumstances (he says wives are for coming inside), and I obey him in matters of child-bearing. He has said no for the last five years since our son was born but is now telling me it is time to have another. I love the peace that comes with obeying him.

    1. ANY wife who does not perform oral sex for her man is just not much of a wife! Aman should never have to a condom because the condom dulls the feeling. I as a wife feel that all parts of my body is fine for him to use for his pleasure. Obedient wives are usually happy wives.