Monday, January 19, 2009

The word submissive usually gets a bad rap publicity, especially when it comes to relationships.

The term "submissive wife" makes some woman wince and causes many other people to shake their heads in anger or disgust. The fact is a strong powerful woman can still be submissive, if that is her desired preference. Since "the right to choose" seems to be the call of society, people should respect the choices of other people, even when they don't agree with it.

Being submissive to your husband is all about making certain choices or goals in your life. It takes dedication and effort to be submissive and support your husband, to encourage him, and be his soul mate throughout your life. It is not at all about being meek or a doormat, although these words are frequently used to describe a submissive wife. It does not imply that she is pathetic, helpless, or crazy in any way, but quite the reverse, it is with her submission and obedience that she strengthens and empowers herself. She helps her husband become the man he needs to be and she becomes the woman she yearns to be.

Anyone using good judgment knows, the term submissive does not mean she is subservient or unequal to her husband, or consents to him to exploiting or abusing her. In reality these husbands are more respectful and loving to their wives and usually remain faithful. The suggestion that her desire to be submissive to her husband means that she can be physically and mentally abused is simply incorrect. Women were in no way intended to be walked on, and those that choose to treat their woman that way are not truly men they are just boys playing around. Women who have a submissive side and a loving respectful relationship with their husband don't experience abuse at all. Her submission doesn't give him permission to use violence or cruelty toward his wife or treat her like an animal. Many husbands depict their wife who has decided to live a life of submissiveness and obedience to him as, "...the most significant person in my life, and her submissiveness is a respected and dear gift given to me by her." Abused or a doormat I don’t think so! How many women would give everything if their husbands said that about them? Almost all in those so called perfect marriages. In marriages where there is a submissive wife there is almost no anger, fighting, name calling and all the negative other things involved in most modern day marriages. A traditional or old fashioned marriage is where the man has the responsibility to be the head of the household and the woman is the submissive. Of course, a man can exploit this responsibility, but if he truly loves and cares for his wife this will never happen. Society tells men to be head of the household, but over and over again, society also describes woman as play things or trash. Just because there are conflicting ideas and values in society that doesn't give a man license to exploit his wife or treat her as inferior, he should love and protect her to love her more than life itself.

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  1. Yes if the husband is head of the household, and pays the bills, it is the wife's duty to be submissive when she is naughty, and given a good spanking. Yes humiliation plays a part in such spankings. Such as the naughty wife should be made to stand in the corner, with dress waist high, panties down, and a view of her bare behind, before and after a spanking.