Sunday, January 4, 2009

Women Crave Arguments and Drama

Women Crave Arguments and Drama

Women live off of emotion while men instead live life based on logic. Women crave the excitement of emotions like anger, longing, lust, and happiness. Meanwhile men prefer to end arguments quickly with logic, rather then prolong it in order to feel emotionally satisfied. This is basic human nature. I get spanked every once in a while. I know when I deserve it. After we have had an argument my husband takes me by the hand into our bedroom. Then I am asked to undress, usually I am pretty nervous by this point, but I always do it. I love it best when I am pulled over his lap and can feel the closeness of him as he is spanking me. Usually the first spank is the hardest. I usually I get about a dozen spanks, Then I thank my husband by performing oral on him. Nothing makes me feel more submissive then kneeling on the floor with a red ass performing oral on my husband. Our relationship is a lot better after these spankings.

Is spanking acceptable as punishment? Well if it is consensual it is. But if it is forced, then it is as good as abuse. The term for it is Domestic Discipline which quite a number of people globally are involved in. Nothing weird about it, more common than many people think but definitely not weird. In fact there was a study done sometime back that marriages that had a Domestic Discipline element hardly ever ended in divorce.

Punishment spanking isn’t only physically painful as it is emotionally painful, humiliating. I think spanking is a very sensual act. The buttocks are both an erogenous zone themselves and spanking the nerve endings stimulate sensuality. Spanking hard enough causes the body to release endorphins which are the body's natural high to deal with pain. Spanking a bottom is the best way to get a point across. I usually get turned on by a spanking but I am never turned on when I am getting a punishment spanking. I am to busy feeling ashamed for what I did to get a spanking. Yes, I am ashamed that I made my husband resort to spanking me. He is doing what is best for me and if I didn't misbehave then I would not be punished. When you are a spanked you know the difference between a punishment spanking and an maintenance spanking. When you get a maintenance spanking it hurts but it doesn't really hurt as much a punishment spanking but you cry either way because it is embarrassing to get spanked.

I am 43. My husband is 38. He spanks me when I do something I shouldn't. He uses a strap, a paddle, a hairbrush and we are working up to the belt. He makes me remove my clothes and either lay across the bed, or he puts me over his lap. I am spanked until I am crying very hard. I know I deserve the spankings he gives me. I get spanked by my husband when I do something which we deemed unacceptable. I am spanked OTK, with a paddle or however he determines. I deserve the spankings, they need to be severe in order to break me of naughtiness or bad habits. I'm glad that at least some of my punishments are administered across my husband's lap. That's precisely where a I deserve to be put when my bottom requires disciplinary attention. It is quite painful and humiliating but sure is better than getting into arguments along with hours of silence.

There are so many people in the world who do not believe it is the responsibility of the husband to spank his wife. A woman may be different from a man, but neither one is above the other. Most people think that in DD the husband is the end all, be all in the marriage but the wife has a equal say in the marriage. Why shouldn't a wife be punished when she does something her husband and she perceives as "naughty"? She is an adult, and she has a right to do whatever she wants so long as it is not illegal. If she wants to submit to her husband and give him the authority to spank/punish her than it is her choice. She is not crazy, abused or weird. She is doing what she needs or wants in her life. It is not easy to make that decision to give that authority to her husband. No one wants to be punished but there are times that I need, crave or deserve it.

I very much don't want to be spanked/punished. But if I
speed, then the correct punishment is to have to pay the fine. If I am bratty or do something that both my husband and I deems wrong then I pay the fine. Maybe the fine is a spanking, or corner time but again there are rules (laws) in our house and I have to pay the fine. It seems to me that I would try not to do something that will get me punished but sometimes I just can't help myself.

I don't consider what my husband does as abuse. I was raised in a home where the husband was the head of the house. What Dad said went. When my brother, sister, and I disobeyed , he spanked us with his belt. My husband has spanked me for many reasons sometimes just because I needed it. He spanked my bare bottom until I could not sit. I guess if it is ok with me I should not worry about what other people think.

A lot of woman I know think that they want to run the household and not submit to her husband. However, I don't feel that way. I feel that it is the man who should be the head of the household. He should make the decisions, and of course consider the wife's decision. But if the wife does something extremely wrong or is out of control, I believe that the husband has a
responsibility to spank her. That may seem twisted to a lot of people, but my husband spanks me, as long as I agree then we are going to continue. I think that it helps to settle things. I don't agree with the modernized world where women are taking over the household and shoving the husband's needs aside. I'm not saying that women should say home all the time and cook and clean. Woman should be able to have jobs. I agreed to be punished; still think that the husband should be the head of the household and do as they see fit to protect the wife and the family unit.

The key is that domestic discipline, where the husband lovingly leads, guides, and CORRECTS his wife (with spanking, corner time, etc.), has to truly consensual. Some women cannot imagine that woman like me actually want such a relationship. But for me it makes for harmony in the home, better behavior, and great sex!

My husband is never unfair to me when it comes to my punishments and I don't blame him for the times he has corrected me. Each spanking was consensual. I was spanked until he felt I had enough. I have to be completely naked be vulnerable and accepting. I wasn't talked in to a DD lifestyle. It was my idea. I am always forgiven for what I do and it is never brought up again. I am not spanked over every little thing and he never yells or calls me names. I am quite content in my marriage and my life and I am glad I am married to a man who is able to protect & correct me. I feel as if you are in a loving relationship, and this is completely consensual, and between a husband and his wife. It is perfectly fine. I am pulling my moral beliefs from the bible. You are to submit to your own husbands AS UNTO THE LORD . We are to obey them in ALL things. Now they are supposed to love you more than themselves and care for you. As long as this is going on and you are only being punished, not abused, and this is consensual.........IT IS A GOOD THING.


  1. I think you have made some excellent points. Most of us out here have been the ones to ask our husbands to enter into this type of relationship. We know it is what we want. We didn't bring it up until we were sure. It take lots of talking and understanding as well as spanking. But we are normal and happy and I no longer care what 'other' people think. I don't shout my choice from the roof top but I am not ashamed either. I finally like who I am and how my marriage is going.

    I look forward to reading more.


  2. Lovely blog. Have very much enjoyed your first two posts. For a hard wired spankos, what you're saying makes a great deal of sense. For those with more of a vanilla mindset though... do wonder if there might be too much of an incentive to spank if the "thank you" is oral sex. Sort of a, "hmmm, I feel like getting oral sex... what has my wife done lately to earn a spanking." That's selfish discipline as opposed to loving discipline.. and that obviously wont work.

    Not an issue for you, or many others. But something to think about for those just starting out.

    Again, enjoy your blog and look forward to future posts.
    Todd & Suzy

  3. Really LOVE your blog. Hope you continue...

  4. Not EVERY woman craves drama and arguments...and no TRUE feminine woman needs disciplined...if she does not know how to behave then she is no lady.....get real

  5. I have never been spanked until I was 51 by my fiance. I have changed for the better. I cried. I was embarrassed and have now had 8 sessions in 2 weeks. I have stopped talking back, and I have stopped screaming at him, and I have stopped cussing. He started with his lap with a hand, then a brush has been added. And because I'm still being corrected, I have been told to pick a paddle. He never thought of this before. And, after about 50 counseling sessions, this is much cheaper. As I'm over his knee, he asks me why I'm there and then he reminds me that I did this to myself and that we both have agreed on this. Then he says," Are you prepared for your correction sweetheart" and I say, "Yes sir" and he proceeds until I cry. Amazing the instant results of submission and obedience for days afterward. One day I had 3 spankings and have had none since then. And for the first time in a long, long time, he's calling me pet names and kisses me again instead of calling me ugly names.
    I don't get turned on by spankings. It's embarrassing. But I will say, even thought my bottom is black and blue, and it's sore, the soreness reminds me, who's in charge and why it needs to be this way. I always wanted a man who takes charge. I know now, I can't run over him. And trust me, he means business when I go over his knee. He does drive the point home. And I am happier. I read up on this and thought it was odd (DD) and it took a year to ask him to please do this for us/the relationship, but now, I wished we'd started this in the first year. We are at year 7. Girls, bend over and take your discipline. You WILL BE HAPPIER. And tell him to do it every time you are caught doing something disrespectful. Set a time and go do it. The respect along with love will increase. I also have to call him sir, before. during and after and...I have to thank him for the spanking. But it works. But make him, make you cry. It has to change the behavior. And, it will.

  6. I can't pinpoint this strange infatuation people have with spanking. If it works for some, so be it, though. In marriage, I can see discipline for children, so that they grow into respectful adults. Children, teens especially, badly need this "encounter" of their bare butt with the parent. It seems to restore peace and family bond. It gives them something to live for, instead of free sex and drugs. Dr. Spock, and his feminist worhippers, have destroyed the American social fabric by sabotaging this peace and this bond.

  7. As far as wives are concerned, I am all for the husband asserting himself, starting the day they tie the knot. The husband is the head of the woman, and marriage has no chance of success lest the husband takes early control. In my opinion, even before the couple marries, they should at the lest agree that children will never lack spanking when they need it. A wife can wait, but the children cannot. A single spanking not given leads to a potential life of misery. I know it from my experience. I have broken people's windows in my fist, have taken people's cars for a ride, have taken stuff from the stores. All these bad things and a thousand of others that I won't mention could have been avoided by a spanking, had I had a Christian father. This, however, was not to be, and I suffered many terrible consequences, unnecessary consequences, as a result!

  8. The woman in the picture reminds me og Amanda Knox. Had she had a father like that, she would not be in jail in Italy now. Fathers are extremely important for children and wives! They have the authority to inflict pain in the butt until there is obedience and order. That is how we humans were made by God!

  9. After reading the blog and all the above comments, I still believe that, like me, spanking activity, however it's dressed up is STILL based on erotic fetishism.

  10. We as a couple discovered by accident that spanking has greatly improved our marriage. Several years ago, during an argument in which I said some terrible things to my husband, he forced me over his knee and used a hair brush on my ass. Yes, it hurt! And, yes it left some marks but after he finished, I had much more respect for him for that guidance. I am a 54 year old woman who truly needs a strong man. My first spanking came from my husband when I was 27 years old and still continues, 29 years of happy marriage! Most of my spankings are with me totally nude and after the first few years, I started giving him oral as the first step of making up. Most women want a strong man to take charge but be fair with them. This has kept my marriage strong.